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Is there someone in your life that's destroying themselves with the use of drugs or alcohol and because of their denial, they're not seeking help? When a family member or loved one is addicted to substances like drugs or alcohol the only way they can rationalize their behaviors and addiction to themselves is to live in denial. They either tell themselves they have no problem or they minimize how serious their addiction is. No matter how hard you try getting them to see their addiction for what it is or how much help you offer them they become defensive and angry denying they have a problem or that they need your help.

We understand your fears, worries and feelings of helplessness and want to help. We have helped hundreds of families and friends get the treatment needed for someone they love and care about. We provide professional interventions that are planned ahead of time with the family to help the person in trouble see their need for help and receive treatment. We understand addiction and how denial works and what it takes to break through the denial barrier the individual lives behind. Meeting with the family ahead of time, we're able to work out a strategy plan together and schedule an organized intervention taking an effective approach.

Our professional Interventionist are experienced in addiction and denial, the intervention is performed in a respectful, caring, yet firm way getting your loved one to see their need for professional help. Not everyone's treatment needs are the same, we make sure the appropriate treatment is provided for your loved one in order for them to heal and recover.

It's important to us that the family is able to heal as well as their loved one; we make sure counseling is available for family members during their loved one's recovery too. Addiction doesn't just affect the drug addict or alcoholic, families need to heal too.

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