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Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment and Detox in Missouri

Each state across the nation has different problems with different types of drugs. There are a number of characteristics that play a role in determining which drugs are going to be most prevalent in any given state, such as how much urban population there is, the physical geography of the state and also proximity to trade routes or drug producers such as Mexico.

Some of the most common substances that are abused in the state of Missouri include alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, club drugs such as ecstasy and marijuana.

Prevalence of Drug Abuse in Missouri

A large majority of all drug distribution in the state of Missouri, including drug distribution for methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and heroin is derived from drug trafficking organizations in Mexico. There are also a number of methamphetamine laboratories that are found within the state of Missouri that are not centered on any one area but instead distributed across all areas of the state.

  • Cocaine is coming into the state of Missouri in a steady stream, especially when it comes to the more metropolitan areas of the state. In St. Louis, the number of overdose deaths relating to cocaine is decreasing, but cocaine use is still up.
  • Heroin can be found all throughout the state, especially Mexican brown heroin and Mexican black tar heroin. The more prevalent of the two is the Mexican black tar variety.
  • Methamphetamine is common in the state of Missouri. The most common form of methamphetamine is that produced within the state because there are a number of meth houses or meth laboratories distributed throughout the state, but Mexican methamphetamine has also found its way into the state and is quite prevalent there.
  • Missouri is also currently having a problem when it comes to club drugs. For example, Ecstasy use and abuse is quite prevalent in the state of Missouri, especially varieties that are brought in from New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. Other drugs that are currently becoming increasingly available in the state of Missouri include Rohypnol and GHB.
  • Marijuana is another problem in the state of Missouri as it is becoming increasingly readily available. The most common forms of Marijuana are brought into the state from Mexico, especially through the southwest border of the state. The treatment of marijuana use in the state of Missouri has grown significantly. Between the years 1994 and 2001, the treatment admission number jumped by approximately 400 percent. The only type of drug use that exceeds marijuana is the addiction of methamphetamine and amphetamine drugs.

Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment and Detox

There is no shortage of opportunities for you to get the addiction recovery help that you need in the state of Missouri. Recognizing that there is a real substance abuse problem in the state, many new organizations have appeared in recent years to treat substance abuse problems including drug rehab programs, addiction treatment facilities and detox facilities as well.

There are many different options for treating a substance abuse problem whether you are dealing with alcoholism or an illicit substance such as heroin or marijuana. Detox is the first step and involves removing the substance from your system and overcoming any withdrawal symptoms that appear as a result. The second step in the process is the rehabilitation and recovery phase, which involves overcoming the emotional and mental aspects of the addiction so that you can prevent relapse from occurring.

Together, being able to treat the mental aspects of the addiction and the physical aspects of the addiction is going to be the best way to address any type of substance abuse problem. While some people can quit abusing a drug on their own, the best way to make sure that the process goes smoothly is going to be to get professional help from a treatment facility. There are inpatient and outpatient facilities, long term and short term programs, and you can select the type of program and facility that is best going to address your needs. Choosing the right type of recovery is an important part of ensuring that you can overcome what ails you.

These drug use and abuse statistics can change if more people are willing to get help for their addictions. In the meantime, more drug rehabilitation facilities are going to spring up in the state of Missouri in an attempt to provide help for those individuals who are willing to admit that they have a problem.