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Heroin is a very serious drug that many people find themselves addicted to in a short period of time and because of the intense cravings and symptoms of withdrawal, it's next to impossible to quit using on your own without help. Chronic or frequent heavy use of heroin can make detoxifying extremely uncomfortable for the patient and cravings can be intense. We provide our patient's with Suboxone treatment to help manage heroin cravings during detox which then decreases uncomfortable and sometimes intense muscle aches, bone pain, cramping, nausea and anxiety.

Patient's entering our inpatient heroin dependence center receives a full assessment which includes a psychological and physical screening in order to provide our patients with effective detox and heroin treatment. Sometimes underlying mental health disorders are present like bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, or major depression and it's critical that the heroin addiction and mental health disorder are treated at the same time. Sometimes repeated heroin relapse is due to a mental health issue that's never been diagnosed and treated and maintaining abstinence is next to impossible.

Our patients at Edgerton Heroin Dependence Center are provided with 24 hour care from our medical staff and addiction experts making sure their safe and comfortable at all times while they're working on their recovery. Individualized intensive Behavioral Therapies are provided for our patients to help them work through the challenges they are facing during their recovery as well as coping and life skills they will need for managing their recovery in the future.

We provide our patients with a wide range of treatment programs and therapies which are essential during heroin recovery. Group therapy and family counseling are also part of our inpatient heroin recovery program because positive support is extremely important during this time. It's important to us that our patient's reach their recovery goals when treatment is completed and that they have the tools needed to maintain their recovery. After Care Therapy is provided to help our patients cope with challenges and problems they face when they return home.

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