Fairdale Therapy and Addiction Facility

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Providing safe Medically Assisted Detoxification and Individualized Behavioral Therapy is what we do at Fairdale Addiction Facility for people dependent on substances that are destroying their life. Some people don't understand why they continue to relapse after they detox from drugs or alcohol because they think detoxification is all that's necessary to stop using and recover. Sometimes they receive medications to help with cravings and withdrawal symptoms and they assume that's all that's needed to make a full recovery.

Unfortunately that's not true addiction doesn't just affect a person physically as far as cravings, anxiety, depression, and nausea etc. Addiction changes the way your brain functions and reacts changing the way you think, comprehend, remember, behave, and affects moods and emotions. Many of our clients have sought detoxification elsewhere in the past only to relapse shortly after and are now in need of detox again.

We have found when providing medication therapy, detoxification, behavioral therapies, addiction education and positive helpful coping skills our clients are able to maintain abstinence and prevent relapse. Our 30 day detox and therapy facility includes a professional dedicated staff that is here to help our clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are seeking recovery from substance abuse we can help and if this isn't your first attempt at recovery, we can help you make it your last.

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