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We understand the emotional roller-coaster a person goes through when they're dependent on painkillers and stimulant drugs. We also realize how scary and uncomfortable detoxing from prescription opiate drugs can be which is part of the reasons a person avoids seeking help for their addiction. We don't want our clients to be fearful of detoxification or be the reason a person avoids seeking help for their addiction to opiate drugs.

The abuse of prescription drugs today is alarming and not everyone uses them for non-medical reasons. Many of our clients became dependent on opiate narcotic painkillers like Vicodin and Oxycontin due to managing pain caused from injury or other medical related management for pain. Repeated use of Vicodin or other opiate drugs leads to tolerance and eventually dependence. Once a person becomes dependent on painkillers it's very difficult to stop, partially due to physical withdrawal symptoms and emotional and psychological withdrawal as well.

We provide inpatient Suboxone therapy which makes detoxification less fearful, stressful and uncomfortable for our clients. When our clients receive Suboxone therapy during recovery treatment they're able to focus on healing and making changes in their life that are necessary for long term success. Behavioral Therapies and addiction education helps our clients make changes in their lives that influence and promote long term recovery from the use of prescription opiate drugs. Everyone's recovery time is different and when deemed an appropriate time, our clients are slowly weaned off of Suboxone therapy and are able to manage their recovery and remain substance free.

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