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Gambling Addiction is a very serious problem and for many compulsive gamblers, completely takes over their life. In spite of the problems in their life that's caused from their compulsive gambling they're unable to stop and become depressed and irritable when they try to on their own. Gambling addiction doesn't usually take place overnight but in a short period of time progresses and becomes a preoccupation for many people. Most people associate compulsive gambling with casinos but many compulsive gamblers are addicted to scratch off cards or playing the lotteries and spend most of their income playing these games.

At Lynn Haven Gambling Center we know how hard it is to come to terms with addiction of any kind. Because pathological gambling doesn't affect a person the same way addiction to drugs or alcohol does, most people don't seek help until their in serious financial trouble or relationships with a loved one begins to fail. This is not to say that a compulsive gambler doesn't suffer from their addiction physically, eventually due to stress and tension some people become suicidal or suffer from serious depression and anxiety. Both men and women suffer from gambling addiction and without intensive therapy and support a compulsive gambler stands to lose everything including their health.

Our outpatient gambling help center not only provides therapy and support for the compulsive gambler but for their family as well. Overcoming denial is the first step and that doesn't often come easily for most compulsive gamblers. We provide intensive behavioral therapy, 12 step group support and family counseling to help our clients overcome denial and see the seriousness of their gambling addiction and work toward their recovery.

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