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Recovering from methamphetamine addiction can be extremely difficult for most people and even when they receive treatment, it still very hard to maintain a drug free life without help and support. We provide counseling for people recovering from meth abuse and addiction to help them with problems and challenges they face when their treatment is completed. It's not always easy maintaining abstinence from meth or any other substance use especially when problems arise unexpectedly and challenge a person's willpower.

Our clients are young and older adults who need continued support and guidance while managing their recovery from meth and other substance addictions. Not everyone is able to avoid situations that trigger substance use every day and we help our clients work through problems and develop helpful strategies to maintain their recovery and avoid relapse. We help our clients learn how to take big problems and obstacles they face, break them down, and work on them a piece at a time. This helps to eliminate added stress and build confidence.

We recommend our clients also seek support from Narcotics Anonymous as often as possible and connect with people sharing the same desire to stay clean. The more positive support and guidance an individual receives during their recovery from meth addiction the easier it is to manage abstinence and long term sobriety.

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