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We provide a high level of care and treatment for adult men and women who are dependent on the use of drugs or alcohol because recovering from addiction isn't easy and affective programs are necessary to maintain recovery. Overcoming the use of drugs or alcohol requires support, dedication, patience, education and programs that help the individual understand their own unique addiction so they can modify their behaviors. At Pineville we provide our clients with short and long term inpatient treatment because some people are in need of a structured environment for a longer period of time than others.

Programs we provide for our clients include medication assisted detoxification easing the symptoms of withdrawal and cravings before addressing the addiction and individual recovery process. Full assessments are done on each client, this enables us to design personalized treatment plans for their recovery. Twelve Step programs provide our clients with support, education and a guide for recovery and healing. Individualized therapy helps our clients understand their addiction and identify thoughts and behaviors that could affect their recovery.

Family counseling is very important because positive communication and support from the ones you love makes a huge difference in terms of healing and managing recovery when treatment is completed. We understand that everyone's needs are different when recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism, so we provide our clients with short and long term residential care and personalized individual programs of treatment which promotes their long term recovery.

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