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If there's someone in your life that has a drinking problem and it's affecting your life, our counselors can help. We provide guidance and support for loved ones or friends that are suffering from the effects of alcoholism from someone they care about. It's extremely hard to see someone you care about destroy their life through alcohol. Even though they know you care about them and only want what's best for them, they won't stop or at least seek help on their own.

Many times family members or friends become just as dysfunctional and emotionally distraught as the alcoholic but for different reasons. The stress family members and friends experience when someone they care about is destroying their life with alcohol is more intense than a person realizes and eventually affects their emotional and sometimes physical health. They're in as much need of healing and recovery as the problem drinker and that's where we can help.

We help young and older adult men and women understand that they can't control someone else's behavior or make them seek help for alcoholism they can only control their own need for help. We provide the support and guidance family members or friends need in order to regain their own emotional sanity that's been affected due to someone else's drinking problem and behavior.

Al-Anon is a support group of family members and friends who have been affected by someone in their life's drinking problem. They come together offering support and experience with each other while working on their own healing and recovery applying the spiritual steps and principles of Al-Anon in their daily lives. We encourage our client's to attend Al-Anon Family Group meetings as often as possible to receive strength, support and a spiritual guidance to achieve healing and recovery.

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